Passion, Baby! 🙂 It’s true, I am passionate about numbers, have been since algebra changed my life. I enjoy sharing information and insights. I believe everyone has the answers they seek inside them. I have found a way to combine numbers and spirituality. Or, I have found a way that has been around a very long time. Invented by none other than Pythagorus.

Really. Pythagorus is the father of Algebra and Geometry and Numerology. In my algebra class, I used to question Mr. Murphy about why we should believe Pythagorus. He would drop his head in a quiet anguish and turn back to the chalkboard. My question was never answered. And, herein lies the irony. The man I called into scrutiny is the foundation of my work. He birthed the integration of the Science of Numbers with Divine Law. Oops. He was passionate about numbers. Hmm… A lesson?

My passion for numbers and people makes numerology a great fit for me. My job as a numerologist is to inspire answers to surface. As I share the insights provided by the numbers and ask the inquiries that lead to revelation, my clients are able to piece together their lives in a more meaningful way. When life is challenging, meaning brings hope. When life is good, meaning brings inspiration.

For my part, when I look at my own numbers along with the universal numbers, I often feel an ‘aha’ moment. And, sometimes, I just clunk myself on the head and say, “Duh.”

For example, I’m in an 11 year. January is a a 12 month for me. With the universal energy of the year being 5 and this month being 6 (unexpected change and delving deep into how we want to be in relationship with ourselves and others) when I ‘crunch’ the numbers, I find that the intensity I am feeling around learning to be with myself, learning to love myself, and weathering the unexpected (as well as expected) ups and downs of relationships finds expression in a lot of extra emotion (11) and the need to let go and surrender in ways I would not have considered (12). So, as my heart is breaking over and over again, how can numerology help me? Knowing that there is meaning in heartbreak, trusting that letting go does actually lead to greater growth, and feeling that I must heal my heart in order to move through the changes creates a more meaningful foundation and allows me to take a breath.

When I am working with clients, I use my intuition as well as my research. Last week, I had two clients with the same birthday. Their sessions and their numerology had similar themes, but the information that came through for each was unique. I love that and continue to find each session a fascinating study as well as an incredible opportunity to serve.

Numerology gives me a structure for my intuition to roam and gather whatever insights are available to share. Those of you who know me well, know that I work with many allies and guides. I have the ability to ‘see’ and will share those images with my clients for their discernment.

Part of my 11 year is to hone and refine my own abilities in the intuitive realm. And, that means spending more time in those realms. I have been resisting spending all this time alone, feeling much fear and deep loneliness. As a dear friend says, “Fear and Worry are inconsistent with Faith in God.” A true statement. My counselor says I must embrace the loneliness, make it my ally. So, my 11 year says: “I’ll support you in this. It’s time for you to go deeper, to learn more so you can support yourself and your friends, and your clients.” There’s some relief in knowing that I am being guided no matter how alone I might feel. This is how numerology works for me. And, on the days where the only souls I see are the sweet dogs who live here and those that pass through the ethers during a telephone session or recording, I think to myself, “Even though I feel lonely, this year is supposed to bring these kinds of experiences. It’s what is best.”

Looking ahead can be daunting. I remember to stay in the moment as much as I can. AND I know that next year is a 12 year for me. Since that is a big letting go year, I feel motivated to learn what I can this year, so next year is easier. Quite frankly, I’ve let go of so much of late that I’m not sure what else is left. But I know the universe will share that with me next year. To place a positive spin on the 12 for those of you experiencing that this year, the letting go can be a great support for changing habits and patterns that are not healthy. It can be one of the most healing years of your life.

So, back to why I am a numerologist: I love playing with numbers, searching for meaning, learning and teaching. I am inspired by people who want to dig deeper into themselves. I want to contribute to the world in an authentic and creative way. My clients say they garner more insight, receive information, and feel more energized to live their lives in more full and powerful ways. THAT is inspiring. To be of service, to be able to share what I’ve learned, and to help others feel inspired about their lives…what more could I ask for?!

If you would like a numerology profile, please email me debyron@me.com or give me a call (541)601-9096.

Great question! Here are my thoughts as we enter this new year with new numbers!

Bottom line: numerology is only relevant if you use it as a discernment tool along with your fine mind and your own intuition. Your personal numbers along with my enthusiastic (it is my passion after all!) interpretations, inquiries, and affirmations help illuminate ideas, concepts, paths, and craft a deeper understanding of your life past, present, and future.

Everyone has his or her unique way to make decisions, finalize plans, or understand why things are ‘not working out’. Numerology’s pin-pointed support is based on ancient knowledge and, yes, even science.

“Everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibration rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. By applying the principles of numerology—and using only the name and birth date as the basic data—you can determine the major frequencies of different people. A numerological analysis of the calculated frequencies provides significant information on these people’s personalities and character.”

Numerology does not replace thinking things through or creatively brainstorming for new ideas. Numerology is an adjunct — a very helpful one that allows the brain to move faster and further because you have a head start. Knowing about yourself is one aspect of numerology. Understanding possible life paths and spiritual paths can be helpful for those who are interested. And looking at the current year and life cycle years is a super way to encourage greater focus.

Generating numerology for the year ahead is exciting for me. AND it does not replace living in each moment, having faith and trust, and asking for guidance in other ways. It does support me as I deepen my connection to myself and my world as well as developing a stronger faith and trust in the universal design. Some days, we must go on faith — it’s just the way of things. On those days, a peek at my numerology for the year or month often suggests just that — that’s the beauty of numerology. It adds to what we already know or feel.

For instance, as I look back at my own year of 10/1, I see that everything I’ve done has been about making new starts and allowing the wheel of life to show me where to go next. I’m not suggesting that everyone follow my particular path during a 10/1 year. And, the energy of the 10/1 year SUPPORTS making changes that will further learning and growth.

This year, I am in an 11 year. These are special years meant to take us further into spiritual exploration and trust. The hallmark of an 11 year is often dealing with strong emotions that take us deeper into intimacy with ourselves and others. I will admit to a bit of panic when I write this. I’m not sure how much more emotion I can handle! And the point is the 11 year SUPPORTS the emotionally sensitive path — it helps! The benefits of an 11 year are the renewed passion and zest for life (again, I take a deep breath — really? MORE?). It is a year that helps us recapture and regain our sense of wonder and awe and let go of old fears of the past. Using the creative and performing arts will help with this integration. During this year, it is EASIER to tap into the unlimited resources of strength inherent in our own nature which allows us to be more of ourselves. (I know, how is that possible?)

The truth is that each year builds upon the other. Making huge changes this year (far beyond any I have EVER made or ever thought of making) has landed me in a new place where I am starting over. Sounds like I am going to need a lot of that strength, so thank goodness, I have an 11 year coming right up! What is also true is that keeping that wonder and faith alive is crucial to feeling good in any year, especially for me (a Blue Magnetic Monkey in the Mayan Astrology). This coming year will help me remember and experience the energy, vitality, and enthusiasm that is my birthright (true for all of us)

Our personal year numbers along with the personal month numbers offer a map of suggestions for how to frame our year. I am happy to say that I have many returning clients and they share with me that the information is extraordinarily helpful. My offer to you is to call me or email me and I will share with you during a session how numerology can support you. First time clients pay $120 for a full 60 – 90 minute session. Follow up sessions are $100 for 60 minutes and include coaching, visualization and many other modalities from my trainings over the years. A 30 minute yearly update is available (for returning clients) for $58.

As always, the calls on the first of each month detailing our universal numerology are always free. And, check out my daily column if you want a little focus for the day. It helps me!

All my best for a fantastic new year with Love and Light and Laughter!

Denise Elizabeth Byron, CPC
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